Mu’s mess is my return to the blogsphere after a long break following the demise of running scared.  Mu IRL is a material scientist, working an new materials for NASA, DoD, EPA or whoever else needs some stuff researched too far out for reasonable people to consider wasting time on.  Did you know that  you cannot buy paint for a satellite at Home Depot?

When not sitting in front of a computer, I like to cook, so sometimes  my current location in the southwestern US and my heritage in central Europe makes for odd combinations; I still haven’t managed to make green chili and blood sausage go well with each other.  My kids seem to prefer their noodles with  butter and cheese for some reason, thanks daddy, no sauce today. At that point I retreat to an after dinner Laphroaig or Knob’s Creek.

Politically I tend do offend pretty much everybody:  From being “pro choice” because I think it’s none of the government business while at the same time finding abortions morally repugnant, to fixing the deficit by raising enough taxes to actually pay for all the stuff, and yes, I support social security and universal health care.  All while supporting second amendment rights, but not to the point of overriding private property owners right to tell gun carriers to get lost, and being an active church goer and secularist who thinks churches should stay the hell out of education and stop trying to legislate their specific brand of morality.


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