Tax less and the deficit will go away!

A good friend of mine just became the campaign media director for a candidate for congress. Naturally I had to look at the website. And yes, there it was, reduce the budget deficit and eliminate national debt by, you guessed it, taking in LESS money. We have to eliminate all the wasteful spending of course, so there are some holy cows that are not to be touched:
Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Benefits and programs related to national security should clearly be off the table in terms of cuts
Can’t offend your donors in the AARP or jeopardize your national security credentials.
One hint, if you have a lot of fixed expenditures, the way to not run a deficit is by taking in more money than you spend. We’re the least taxed people in the western world, the one thing we don’t need is more tax relief to send to China or Switzerland.


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