“But it’s free”

As a professional, I subscribe to a number of mostly free publications to at least keep up with the highlights of recent developments. It’s amazing how many well made trade journals are out there, and some of them are actually quite good. What’s not so good is, once you get yourself on some publisher’s address list, you find yourself subscribed to journals you never heard off on subjects you have zero interest in. Pharmaceutical Formulation&Quality, the one I just tossed again, is something not applicable to someone researching moon dust, and I told the lady inquiring about my interest and needing to update my information so. What quite obviously didn’t stop her from confirming my subscription anyway, as I didn’t expect it would. I’ve tried friendly explanation, requests for being taken of their mailing and calling lists, yelled, hung up, doesn’t matter. You can’t stop the flood. So my mail box gets filled month after month with high gloss magazines, shipped cross country, wrapped in plastic, straight into my circular file.
Happy Earth Day.


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